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December 2017



I donned my coat as I got ready to take the dogs out before heading off to work.  As I stepped outside the door, I felt pleasantly surprised.  Instead of brisk sub-freezing temperatures, it felt balmy with temperatures in the 40s.  Taking the dogs back inside, I debated whether to…

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Colorado Road Trips

A frosty night in a yurt

Closed.   The sign in the window of the Ace Hardware store said it all.  They were closed for the night.  That was our last option, our last chance to purchase a portable heater so I would not endure another torturous night of freezing to death. We’d tried the other stores…

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Recreation Weather/Climate

Christmas Pow

It’s 4:30 a.m.  So says the alarm clock in big red numbers at our motel room.  But the dogs don’t care.  All they know is they want to go outside.  Simon is old and has trouble holding his urine and I don’t want him to have an accident, so I…

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A treeless Christmas

We were evacuated from our home in July, 2016 for a wildfire that threatened nearby.  We’ve been well aware of the dangers of wildfire since we moved to our home in Nederland, and had prepared “fire boxes” in the event of an evacuation.  Fire boxes consist of the items we…

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