Smokey’s Big Birthday

“Don’t forget your farewell party is tonight.  We’ve got big plans.” “Can’t wait.  It will be fun to have one more last hurrah.” So I met with my friends and colleague from the Truckee Ranger District, where I’d spent the last six months working.  Firefighters, foresters, trail workers, all gathered…

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Travel outside Colorado

The 50 State Quest

At a recent staff meeting, we were asked to share about trips we had planned for this summer and fall. “Well, we’re going to Alaska in September, which is really exciting.  But it will also be the culmination of my quest to visit all 50 states.” “Wow, that’s so cool…

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May is for More Snow

But May is not for outdoor concerts.  At least not for me. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the best places to watch an outdoor concert.  Two years ago, Bryon surprise me with tickets to the Lumineers for my birthday in June.  A dark sky speckled with stars loomed  overhead…

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Taking Your Dog to Work

As I typed on my laptop, I felt something touch my leg.  Glancing down from my desk at work, two soft warm brown eyes met my gaze.  His speckled snout lay on my foot, and then – whomp, whomp, whomp — went the tail. Before last summer, I’d never had…

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