Hike of the Week: Diamond Lake

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As we descended down a slight incline in the trail, the rush of water greeted my ears.  Off to the left, I glimpsed a waterfall cascading down the rocks before settling down into the creek.  We take a quick break and snap a couple of photos…

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New Campfire Law

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Cold Springs Wildfire of 2016 and Colorado’s largest wildfire have one thing in common.  They both were started by a campfire that had not been put out properly.  Perhaps that is why Colorado enacted a new law on July 1 called the Campfire Law. Disastrous Consequences…

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You Know You’re a Turtle

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Red flags were going up when I saw the spotless white sedan.  I knew I was in trouble the minute I saw the red and white license plates.    It was going to be a slow drive up the hill to Nederland. Years ago, we went…

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Being Bear Aware

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The hot topic on NextDoor had a single subject line — “Bear.” Living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado means living with wildlife.  Perhaps no single animal symbolizes the wild in wilderness more than bears.  Only black bears call Colorado home, as Grizzly Bears were hunted…

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