Lost Lake

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn If I said we went for a hike to Lost Lake here in Colorado, your next question might very well be: Which one? Turns out there are at least seven different Lost Lakes around the state, including one here near Nederland.  But then that’s nothing compared…

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Snowy May??

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Are snowy Mays the new normal?  I’m beginning to think so. We’re only three days into the month of May, and we’ve already had almost 12 inches of snow. Now in any given year,  you could chalk that up to an aberration of weather for that…

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Wildfire Awareness Month

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Update:  A neighbor who lost their home in the Cold Springs Wildfire wrote me with two excellent suggestions.  Make sure you put the deeds to your vehicles as well as an extra set of keys in the safe deposit box as well.  Thanks for the suggestion,…

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Meaning behind the flag

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Working as a Park Ranger for many years, I became fascinated with visiting other national park sites.  One of my most memorable visits occurred at Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore.  I got to learn all about our national anthem as well as a lot of…

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