Colorado Road Trips

To Ouray and Back

I picked up the wooden block.  No key.  I looked all around the floor, thinking perhaps it had slid off.  The floor was covered with dead bugs and spider webs, but there was no key.  Now what? I had been so excited for this trip.  Nestled in a valley among…

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The Mating Game

Feeling bleary-eyed from our long drive, the movement ahead of me on the road snapped me back awake.  As I pressed on the brakes, I saw the tell-tale white furry butt and the buff-colored body.  The female elk was standing on the center stripe of the road, looking directly into…

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Five Years Ago Today…

“Are you ok?  Did the dam break?” said the text from my father-in-law.  Why would he think the dam had broken. The rain was pouring down outside the window, but it didn’t seem too bad.  What in the heck was going on? We turned on the TV to the local…

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The Long Journey Ahead

The wings of green are flitting so fast, it’s hard to follow where the bird is.  Though it would be hard to believe, hummingbirds are on a feeding frenzy right now.  They have to be.  Because they are about to embark on a long, long journey. Summer in the Rocky…

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