The Tiny But Might Predator

Quick.  Think of predators in the wilds of Colorado. Most people think of mountain lions, maybe a coyote, or even a bear.  Big, scary animals that would strike fear not only in other animals, but even people. But it turns out one of the most prolific predators that is menacing…

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How the Other Half Rides

It’s true. Boulder County and its cycling community has gotten under my skin at times. Like the time I drove an SUV on Foothills Parkway, hauling a trailer behind me.  Fighting to keep the car on the road while battling the cross winds proved difficult enough. But then when I…

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Three Years Ago…

Note:  This post refers to the Cold Springs Wildfire which occurred three years ago in July of 2016. “The best news ever.” I read the email one more time to make sure I read the words correctly. “The fire is contained enough, that we can go back to our homes…

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Only in Colorado. Only in Colorado would you hike a trail and be climbing of five foot drifts of snow Only in Colorado,  would you spy towering conifers of pine and fir, side by side with plants you would ordinarily find in the desert. Succulents like cactus and yucca, and…

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